Our 2017 “Talents des Bordeaux”

For the 21st year in a row, 6 Bordeaux Supérieur rouge wines produced by our winegrowers will be awarded thanks to their remarkable quality!

Each year, our « Talents » award the best representatives of our appellation, among the selected range of Bordeaux Supérieur rouges.

For the 2015 vintage, the competition will occur in Paris, on october. A preselection took place in Planète Bordeaux on september 7th. You can check the shortlist here !

What’s new in 2017 : we used to invite journalists for the blind tasting. This year, we contacted different parisian universities an colleges: students who are members of wine clubs will taste for us.


To know all about the 2017 winners, connect to our website on october 17th!

To see our 2016 Talents again, take a look at our article.

Our 2017 “Talents des Bordeaux”

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