“Roadfrit” 2017 – Episode 1

Our two acolytes Marc Roisin and Eric Boschman took the road again ! This year, their famous “Roadfrit” takes place in Belgium !
“Two years ago, we were in Bordeaux. A couple of years later, I still want to continue the Roadfrit adventure. But instead of two Belgians in Bordeaux, we chose to bring Bordeaux in Belgium”, Marc Roisin


As always, Marc and Eric deliver a funny video : no cliché, just happiness and humor ! The occasion for you to learn a new recipe :  : Tomatoes and shrimps with their Bordeaux rosé, “a recipe that is basically impossible to mess up “, according to Eric Boschman 🙂

More than six minutes of pure pleasure and free fun 🙂

To be continued !

“Roadfrit” 2017 – Episode 1

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