« Roadfrit » 2017 – Episode 2

Marc Roisin and Eric Boschman took the word “Roadfrit” at face value ! Learn how to cook the perfect belgian fries and choose the right wine to drink with  🙂


“It’s frites time, buddy ! […] “Frites” are timeless… like Jesus, name above no names”, Eric Boschman, storyteller 😉 



Once again (and still with humour), Marc and Eric give us pieces of advice about cooking and wine tasting ! Tip : learn how to cook THE perfect “frites” : crispy & golden outside and soft inside. Pick up some fries, choose the sauce you prefer and eat them with the good wine :


White Bordeaux = mayonnaise or tartare sauce / Bordeaux Rosé = bearnaise or cocktail sauce / Bordeaux clairet = rich gravy or spicy sauces


Five minutes of  humour and fry 🙂



« Roadfrit » 2017 – Episode 2

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