Oscars Bordeaux rouges 2017

Tuesday, may 30th 2017… in Bordeaux… 62 winetasters…. 33 blind sampled wines… 6 winners. Congratulations to the “Oscars des Bordeaux rouges”, vintage 2015 !

The final tasting for the « Oscars Bordeaux rouge » took place at the “Restaurant Les Tontons“, in Bordeaux. A unique place, at the foot of Chaban-Delmas bridge and a couple of doors from the nearly one-year Cité du Vin.

The jury consisted of 62 wine professionnals, oenologists, winemakers, wine-merchants and belgian wine consultants. They had to award the 6 Bordeaux rouge AOC wines (vintage 2015), among 33 finalists.


The 62 tasters for the 2017 “Oscars des Bordeaux”

On may 10th, those finalists had been selected among 102 wines, in Planète Bordeaux. In both situations, it was only blind tasting, not to influence the jury !

The 6 winners in Bordeaux rouge 2015 are :


Château Le Bonalguet

 Cheval Quancard Réserve

 Château Motte-Maucourt Élevé en fût

 Merlot du Château Sainte Barbe

 Château Lamothe Vincent Intense

 L’Envolée de Lionne


You will be able to taste them all year long, in France or even abroad, thanks to our Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur events or partners. No doubt they will be tasty for all amateurs of fruity wines ! You will find them soon on our online cellar, at the same price as at the château !

To see all the pics of this great night, please have a look on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ( #planetebordeaux and #oscarsbdx)

Oscars Bordeaux rouges 2017

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