SEMILLON,for structure

Semillon is the main variety for sweet whites and liquorous wines, and sometimes complementary for dry whites.

It brings roundness with hints of apricot and honey. Rendered sublime by noble rot, Semillon develops lovely scents. Giving great quality and bold dry white Bordeaux wines with a perfect touch of acidity.

Production area

For dry whites, a damp soi lis recommended for bold wines. For sweets, the vine will develop better on gravel, calcaire soils.


Semillion leaves are small and round, quite irregular and slightly lumpy. This vine produces leaves with 5 lobes and small round grapes.

Le saviez-vous ?

Semillon isn’t produced as much as Sauvignon but still remains a paramount for the Bordelaise and Bergerac vineyard. It’s actually the most used grape for making sweet wines in those two regions, but is also exported across the world to countries such as Australia, California or even South Africa.

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