Sauvignon blanc is the most common grape variety in Bordeaux white. It brings to wines the right amount of acidity, minerality and freshness.

Its caracterised by its citrus fruit, boxwood and broom blossom aromas. This major white grape of Bordeaux is used for the elaboration of dry whites.  It is  often used in very small quantities in Bordeaux superieur white.

Sauvignon gris has aromas of grapefruit but also exotic fruits such as passion fruit or litchi. Sometimes even minty orange. This brings to wines a great freshness. Sauvignon makes strong, structured and full bodied wines with heavier aromas and less acidity than Sauvignon blanc.

Production area

For dry whites, damp soils. Lack of water can decrease the content of aromas). For sweet wines and graves , clay undersoil and calcaire soils.


Small round leaves, slightly lumpy with 5 lobes The under leaf has a soft velvet touch. The grapes are small but very compact with a golden ripe colour.

Le saviez-vous ?

Sauvignon blanc is very well known and is produced in many vineyards around the world such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Syria and in the small region of Frioul in Italy. In France Sauvignon blanc can be found in the Loire and Bordeaux region. Created in 2011, the Concours mondial du Sauvignon brings out the best of Sauvignon blanc and shows the different characteristics of this variety depending on each region.

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