PETIT VERDOT,for tannin

This grape variety gives tannic wines with a lot of anthocyanins. Well-structured with a vibrant deep red colour, petit verdot will take a while for the aromas to develop but gives wines that will keep for a long time.

If used for a single variety wine, strong aromas of cocoa or leather will be present. It’s mostly used for assembled wines and brings out certain aromas such as spice and liquorice that won’t be found in other grape varieties. The production of Petit Verdot is gradually disappearing and only a couple of hundred hectares are produced in the Bordeaux area.

Production area

Grows on moist ground and well exposed


Dark green matt leaves in the shape of hearts with three lobes. The clusters are small to average size and quite condensed. The grapes are small and round with a dark blue colour.

Le saviez-vous ?

This variety was longley used for blending but used as a varietal blend in Spain, Chile and even Australia, but very rarely in Boredaux.

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