Cabernet Franc is more premature than Cabernet Sauvignon.

In nearly every case, it is the complementary grape variety to an assembled wine. It has a less intense colour with less tannin. It brings freshness and finesse with an aromatic complexity with notes of raspberry, violet and has great structure with ageing qualities.

Production area

Well exposed Argil calcareous soils without hydric stress.


Round berries with a light green colour, the leaves are shiny but rough and can sometimes be inclined. They can have three to five lobes.

Le saviez-vous ?

Cabernet Franc is surely the oldest grape variety in the Bordelaise Vineyard originating from Graves and coteaux de la Gironde. Whilst visiting Guyenne, Cardinal Richelieu, sent Cabernet Franc plants to Anjou. Indeed, this grape variety is very well known in France. (Aquitaine, Val de Loire, Midi).

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