MERLOT,for roundness

Merlot is the most common grape variety in the Bordelaise vineyard. An early growing grape that is sensitive to spring frosts. For a good growth, this variety needs a soil that stays cool in the summer heat.

It brings to the wine a good color intensity, suppleness and fleshy red fruit aromas such as plum, blackcurrant, cherry, fig, violet and sometimes toasted scents from wines that have been aged in oak. It gives wines that can be consumed quickly without a long ageing process.

Production area

Adapted to clay and argil-calcareous soils.

Grape description

The clusters are of an average size and rather aerated. The leaves are a dark green colour with a lumpy texture. They form a wide triangle shape with 5 lobes. The vines are recognizable by their small white fuzzy leaves that grow upwards on the vine

Le saviez-vous ?

Did you know? Merlot originated from the region of Aquitaine in the South of France and this grape variety is used worldwide. No matter where you go in the world, Merlot is the most known grape variety to wine consumers.

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